Bringing back to live a Marston style Home in San Diego Real Estate

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marston-hills-home-exterior SD Mag art

San Diego is known for its many different neighborhoods, each one with a very particular style and personality. One of the oldest of such neighborhoods is the one that surrounds Balboa Park. Along with its famous properties such as Marston House, many of the homes in the area a true old world gems of a…Read More »

The Value of Professional Staging for your San Diego Home

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Views very widely on the value of hiring a professional stager to prepare your San Diego home for sale. Many real estate agents swear by it and have years of sales to back up their claim. They cite their own impressions, sales history and anecdotal evidence to underscore that professional staging adds value to the…Read More »

Pinterest Board, More than San Diego Homes and More than Inspiration

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Many of you already use Pinterest for inspiration, from decor ideas for your new San Diego Home, to recipes, and fashion, Pinterest has become a space where we collect more than pins, we collect dreams. With that in mind, we have created a new Pinterest board called “On the Market”  We scour the world in search of…Read More »

Final Four for San Diego Home Buyers

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Final Four for San Diego Home Buyers

When it comes to basketball, we only have 64 teams to narrow down into our Final Four to fill our brackets. When it comes to buying our first San Diego home, we have hundreds (depending on the particular area) of options and dozens of choices to consider, but when it all comes down to it, there…Read More »

When Purchasing a San Diego Home, Should I Haggle Over the Price?

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Buying a San Diego home, especially for the first time, it is emotional. You’ve saved and scrimped for years and now you’ve found the home of your dreams. You’re in love and you don’t want someone else to get it. Joss Whedon, the mastermind behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer , in reference to negotiations says, “Never…Read More »